• A Christian Blogger, Webmaster, Linuxer

    This is who I am now – a Christian blogger, a webmaster, and a Linux user.

    It’s been a year since I decided to leave WordPress.com, and to learn how to self-host my own websites. It’s also been a year (well, more than a year) since I started actively leaving behind the pains and burdens of the past several years. Rejected by my church and denied the support for ministry I had rightfully earned, I have set out to independently establish the things that God wants me to do – and all without resources, except the little that I have and what God provides.


  • Rebuilding this blog in Textpattern

    I have temporarily switched this blog back to Hugo — after a failed rebuild using ClassicPress — but I will rebuild it again later using Textpattern. (Actually, I’ve just finished rebuilding this as a ClassicPress blog, but chronic problems in the CP community have finally made me lose my trust in the reliability and longevity of the project, and so I had to find another CMS.)


  • My new future in social networks

    It’s a fresh start for me, as I’ve said, and right now I’m making my preparations for freelance writing. And one of my preparations is a change of scenery to my social media life.

    I have new accounts for the following platforms: LinkedIn | Mastodon | Hubzilla


  • It’s yet another new beginning for me…

    Because life is one continuous journey after all.

    And so here I am, with this brand-new personal website. A Hugo static site. Self-hosted. And all mine. This is primarily a blog for my musings about anything that matters to me, but it also serves as my business front as a freelance writer. (It does feel different, having a blog that I can truly claim as my own, compared to blogging using hosted solutions like WordPress.com.)