Joining ClassicPress’ Cause (Part#1)

From blogging in hosted solutions like, to self-hosted sites and being a ClassicPress advocate. This is my story.

I’ve been a blogger for many years — teaching myself how to write, and how to express my thoughts and feelings into words. It was never a serious pursuit for me though. I was mostly writing for myself, and I never purposefully sought an audience. That is, until I started my blogging ministry, Swordsman of the Word, a few years ago. Then I became a serious blogger, albeit playing by my own rules.

As a Christian, I write for God, not for SEO. And I write to express myself and my art, and not be bound by so-called blogging rules. And though I definitely consider my audience in my writing, making sure that my words are accessible, they do not, however, dictate what I write or how I write it. The fact is, I believe in higher things, and my values are heavenly. Moreover, I believe in speaking the truth in love, even if the truth hurts and may cost me dearly. In short, I’m a knight crusader with a mission from my God. My words are my sword, the World Wide Web is my battleground, and my websites are my horses and chariots.

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It’s yet another new beginning for me…

Because life is one continuous journey after all.

And so here I am, with this brand-new personal website. A Hugo static site. Self-hosted. And all mine. This is primarily a blog for my musings about anything that matters to me, but it also serves as my business front as a freelance writer. (It does feel different, having a blog that I can truly claim as my own, compared to blogging using hosted solutions like

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