• Going back again to WordPress...

    I told myself that I’m not going to use WordPress anymore. Because of the relentless push for the Gutenberg project to become part of the core software in 2018... WordPress is no longer as easy to use as it once was, and it’s no longer as reliable and stable. For me and for many others, the most annoying thing is that the Block Editor... has made writing and publishing very difficult. It forces you to think in terms of layout and style, when all you want to do is to focus on your content.


  • The beginning of my Drupal journey

    I’ve just finished setting up my Debian desktop, and in it the files I’m going to need for my present works (the rest of my files are in backup), and so I’m ready to begin studying on how to use Drupal CMS — both locally in my computer and in my web host. I actually already have working Drupal installations in both locations. (It’s been a bit of a challenge, setting up Apache and PHP in my PC, because I chose not to use LAMPP.)


  • My new future in social networks

    It’s a fresh start for me, as I’ve said, and right now I’m making my preparations for freelance writing. And one of my preparations is a change of scenery to my social media life.

    I have new accounts for the following platforms: LinkedIn | Mastodon | Hubzilla


  • It’s yet another new beginning for me…

    Because life is one continuous journey after all.

    And so here I am, with this brand-new personal website. A Hugo static site. Self-hosted. And all mine. This is primarily a blog for my musings about anything that matters to me, but it also serves as my business front as a freelance writer. (It does feel different, having a blog that I can truly claim as my own, compared to blogging using hosted solutions like