It’s yet another new beginning for me…


Because life is one continuous journey after all.

And so here I am, with this brand-new personal website. A Hugo static site. Self-hosted. And all mine. This is primarily a blog for my musings about anything that matters to me, but it also serves as my business front as a freelance writer. (It does feel different, having a blog that I can truly claim as my own, compared to blogging using hosted solutions like

Some days ago, I announced that I’m shelving my works for my blogging ministry, Swordsman of the Word, and that I’m now walking on a new path as a freelance writer — both of Christian writing and technical writing. This personal website with my own name as its title, and residing in its own domain and address of is the first tangible result of that.

And soon, I will launch two more websites, similar in design to this one, and they will serve as part of my portfolio:

  • Unbreakable Faith: Living & Breathing God’s Word – This first one is a Bible-studies blog. Self-explanatory.

  • Publishing on the Web like a Pro – This second one is a blog about web publishing, and it will feature these three publishing platforms: Hugo (X), TikiWiki (Y), and ClassicPress (Z).

Both these blogs are geared towards general audience, and you should know that they won’t just showcase my writing skills. Rather, they are my own personal projects, and I honestly believe in the purposes that they have set out to do.

Anyway, as you may have already realized, freelance writing and these two new blogs can only serve to further God’s own plans for Swordsman of the Word, even though right now my works on it are postponed. And that is because, as a freelance writer, I will have the resources I need to build the ministry, and I will also continue learning, both as a minister of the Word and as a webmaster. Amazing, right? Truly, if only we do our best to seek God’s will and to obey it, things will work out for the best.

And that is how I’d like to end this first post: a reminder that, despite all the setbacks and opposition, I’ve been faithful to God about this work that he has called me to do. Many times in the past few years I could have given up, but I didn’t, and now, in his own way and timing, God has taken the burden of Swordsman of the Word away from me. That is, until I am ready to take it up again. When my life is finally rebuilt. And when the right time has finally come.

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