My new future in social networks


It’s a fresh start for me, as I’ve said, and right now I’m making my preparations for freelance writing. And one of my preparations is a change of scenery to my social media life.

I have new accounts for the following platforms: LinkedIn | Mastodon | Hubzilla

LinkedIn, obviously, will be for my professional networking as a writer. This is a must-have, and the platform will certainly be a great help in my new career.

Mastodon will be for my personal and Christian posts, and the server I’ve signed up to is Brighteon.Social, a pro-liberty and a free-speech advocate network. Mastodon is similar to Twitter, but with 500 character count for each “toot” — just enough for my everyday random thoughts.

Lastly, Hubzilla will be for my technical and computer-related posts. Hubzilla is similar to a CMS. Besides the standard social network features like sharing, liking, and connecting, it also supports text formatting, long posts, articles, wikis, etc. And so it’s a good tool to use while I explore my computing interests.

Mastodon and Hubzilla are part of the federated universe of social networking platforms. This is my first time exploring this area of the Web, and I’m genuinely excited about it. Finally, social networking where I’m the one who’s in control of my data and of what I do, and where there is really true privacy. Perhaps this time I can really build something worthwhile and lasting using social media.

The fact is, I’ve never been a heavy social-media user. Not of Facebook. And certainly not of Twitter. If they aren’t already a “necessity” nowadays, I wouldn’t use them at all. But I use Facebook because that’s where most of my family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances are. And I tried using Twitter because it had seemed to be a good place to share my writings, although I never had the time nor the real interest to build a mostly meaningless network of “follows” and “follow-backs”.

I already deleted my Twitter account some months ago. And as to my Facebook account, I’m going to start again from scratch, and my old account I’ve already deleted a few days ago. (I realized that my social life in Facebook has become a heavy spiritual and emotional baggage for me, and starting afresh is the only way for me to really move on forward.) Besides connecting with the people I know, I’ve been using Facebook as part of my “official” online presence as a blogger, publicly sharing in my timeline the links to my posts. But that won’t be the case anymore when I sign up again for an account, maybe next month or next year. This time I’m going to limit my profile’s visibility to just my family and friends, and Facebook will take a back seat in my priorities. It will no longer control my blogging nor my networking with its damnable algorithms and data collection.

You can say that, for the past several months, I have become much more concerned about my online privacy, and about how Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google are abusing their power and trampling on people’s freedom.

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