Rebuilding this blog in Textpattern


I have temporarily switched this blog back to Hugo — after a failed rebuild using ClassicPress — but I will rebuild it again later using Textpattern. (Actually, I’ve just finished rebuilding this as a ClassicPress blog, but chronic problems in the CP community have finally made me lose my trust in the reliability and longevity of the project, and so I had to find another CMS.)

I have also deleted some posts, so that there’ll be no records of what I’d been up to these past several months — which was, truth be told, only part of the search of what God really wants me to do. And so I won’t be involved in the ClassicPress project anymore… and I won’t be hiring myself out as a technical writer after all… and I certainly won’t be promoting and other ecommerce software as an affiliate.

Instead, I will be focused again on my Christian writing (including my freelance projects), and God might even give me a job in our provincial government. For now, at least, whatever interests that I have in computers and website building will be only for the benefits of my own works.

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